Tighe-Mearns-Smith are an art syndicate dyad.

Jessica Tighe and Kane Mearns-Smith are a couple and artistic duo known as Tighe-Mearns-Smith. We specialise in textiles, sustainable fashion, surreal illustration, animation, music and fine art. We met at Kingston School of Art and it was from there we began to collaborate. We continued to work together after university to develop our manifesto for our artistic and social movement titled Redemptionism. 

Our work has famously been described as: "Ancient Egypt meets Dali & Monty Python's flying Circus on acid" - Anonymous

Our sustainable fashion work has been at London Fashion Week twice.

Our animation work has been at film festivals in Romania, Slovakia, Pinewood Studios UK, Florida & California.

Our illustration work has been sold worldwide and been used by Cass Art, Fashion Scout & Mr.Jukes.

We have released two studio albums and one single under our 'Thanatos Techno' alias: Dr.Death.

We have been featured in: Harpers Bazaar, GMARO Magazine, GayTimes, Man Repeller, Style caster.

We have worked alongside individuals such as: Sum Ting Wong, Oli London & Harper Silin. 

Check our press package for the full list.