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The Era of Redemption has begun.

The gates are open to those who wish to take the path.

Our chosen guardians do not endorse this concept in any way.


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The twelve heads of Cerberus is a sustainable fashion collection and concept proposed by Tighe-Mearns-Smith; it marks the transition from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius and with such pivotal moments in history reflects upon the idols of society. In true Aquarian form Tighe-Mearns-Smith creatively challenge the authority of those we hold in popular standing as the influencers and idols of our time. Tighe-Mearns-Smith envision a reconstruction of those celebratory names of the past and propose new influential leaders that resonate with the philosopher kings of Plato’s Kallipolis.


The age of Aquarius is an astrological age, it marks the Earths natural precession, with it we see 12 cycles of 2,150 years and each phase is noted by the suns ‘background stars’ from the position of the Earth at the March vernal equinox, each cycle passing through the 12 major zodiac constellations. We have passed through the age of Pisces, an age noted as religious fanaticism but also empathy, the conception of good and bad, heaven and hell, sin and sacrifice that influenced society across the globe and shaped our current world. The modern Earth finds itself in the vicinity of the Aquarius constellation, the true marking of a new age, the age of Aquarius. This age has been noted as the time of the transcendental collective, in which humanity take control of it’s destiny and promotes a future of truth, an age in which women are equal to man, an expansion of consciousness in which new leaders will arise. It is in true Aquarian form to be creative and rebellious, to challenge authority, reconstruct the existing structures of our society in mind of a better future, a liberated future with wisdom, equality and the conscious collective at the heart of the transition. This age is a humanitarian one, we envision an altruistic, democratic and whole society. Subsequently to this we continue to revert to a stronger sense of world, in which we grow ever closer to the relationship between ourselves and our planet, as we understand our coexistence, as partner inhabitants of our collective sphere of life.


Is it a coincidence that we saw that 2020 acting as protagonist in a self-fulfilling prophetical form? Notions of The Age of Aquarius reflected and rippled across the major events of the year. Covid 19 sweeping across the globe put the individuals of the world in the same position, we experienced it together and it became a catalyst for various Aquarian subjects. Whilst being locked down there was a huge uprising in the appreciation of nature, the stars and our planet. Mainstream media flooded the televisions and radio chat shows with sustainability talks, climate change awareness as we saw cities shut down across the globe and nature rebound in its eternal glory, a glory that we share. The lack of social connection across the globe made people aware of quite how socially driven we are as humans, and how much we value the company of others, a connected social society. 2020 was also the grounds for a resurgence of Black Lives Matter, a stark chapter in the movement away from a history of racism and towards equality sparked during the civil unrest following the killing of George Floyd. This movement prompted the removal of memorials associated with racial injustice, it marked a clear point in modern history in which we questioned the idols that we cling onto. The path of history is definitive and conclusive but the idols we hold up in society must reflect the values and morals we wish to continually reverberate in ourselves and in the society that we live in. History should not be erased, but those we hold highly in the public view should be continually questioned and reconstructed as society changes and grows.


It is at this stage we must understand the significance of the statue in our streets, and why this reconstruction caused such an outrage and division. Statues hold a great amount of influence over society, they are not just a historical reference but they also act as a diagram of influence that we regard as role models for our society. As we work towards a greater world we must choose role models that fit with the morals and virtues of our progression. We normalise influence in today’s society, fixated majorly around materiality, superficialities and conflict; in a world where reality TV stars tend to hold more influence than the great thinkers of the world, those who have utilised their expansive consciousness to better themselves and humanity, in true Aquarian form. As the BLM movement correctly questioned the authority of the bronze leaders we must reconstruct the position of influence on the streets. Should we continue to look towards our social role models that act out of vanity, fame and glory in a world of normalised individualism and self absorption? Or do we choose those who act out of morality, virtuousness and group interest; the individuals that stand for the collective whole? The symbolism of a statue and a social influencer have a powerful effect on the individual and mass psychology as we stare up to their grandeur, with millions of followers we see these figures with the influential reach of the Kings and Queens of the old ages as they tower down like Gods on Earth. These figures are set in stone like the Colossus of Rhodes, they carry honour and respect, the larger than life ideologies of those we look up to should reflect the virtues we strive for in society. Tighe-Mearns-Smith resonate with the rulers of Plato’s Kallipolis, in which the philosophers kings display morality, a love for wisdom, intelligence and reliability. As we transition into a new age we are met with pivotal societal changes and desires and with this a great reflection is upon us all, who are we looking up to; and what values do they transpire back into society?


In reaction to these happenings, Tighe-Mearns-Smith propose we reconsider those who we regard in mainstream popularity, the age of Aquarius brings forth the social era of Redemption, it is time for us to redeem ourselves from the mistakes we have learnt from history. We propose 12 new leaders to ignite the fiery wave of conscious expansion, the revelation of truth and the furtherance of humanities liberation and collective whole.


To begin, we have chosen 12 individuals who reflect the ideologies of the philosopher kings, the expansive traits of those we look up to for they truly reflect the society we aspire to live in. In turn their knowledge, virtuousness and active engagement in their fields of study will ripple into society and influence an advocacy of individuals who wish to both fulfil their potential and engage in the future of our collective world. As we enter a new age, we look towards new leaders that lead the way in our progression.


Our 12 guardians of the gate of knowledge are as follows:


  1. Adam Curtis

  2. Bernardino de Sahagun

  3. Brahmagupta

  4. Billy Carson

  5. John Ball

  6. John Dee

  7. Manly P Hall

  8. Mary Wollstonecraft

  9. Noam Chomsky

  10. Saint Blandina

  11. Sergei Chakhotin

  12. Wang Zhenyi



Fashion as a sustainable outlet


Another major notion of the Age of Aquarius and the Era of Redemption is the harmony between human action and the Earth. It is through this cardinal relationship that we put sustainability at the heart of our design for our collection. It is a sad truth that the art industry has such a negative effect on the environment and we work to tackle this. The art industry sets itself a fast pace of production which is both unhealthy for the artist and unsustainable for the environment. We must respect the universe if we are to allow the arts to continue. We cannot liberate ourselves at the demise of the Earth and its inhabitants, this act is anti-art, for without the universe we too are nothing. To tackle this is of the up most importance and we should treat art as a sustainable outlet. Resourcefulness is key in our design. This is achieved through the utilisation of second hand materials and unwanted objects. Through the promotion of employing products that have been abjured, out of use or going to waste we are able to find a balance of creating new without the additional pressure for the continual manufacturing of products and supplies. The high demand of new products must be immediately reduced, these needs can be met by taking advantage of the multitude of resources we already have laying around, waiting for another life. It is through this mentality that we explore the use of unconventional materials. Appropriating unwanted products and wasted materials enables art to work as a vessel for positive environmental impact. Here again we find that balance is of utmost importance, found materials and products must be sought after and utilised at whichever stage is plausible.


To summarise, our entire collection is made from 90%+ recycled, upcycled and ‘unsellable’ materials that we have stopped from going to landfill and repurposed them into our design to lead the way for a future of sustainable fashion.




At first glance the rose from a bush that burns blue of flames. Thorns pierce each hand once as six drops of blood turn silver.

The serpent reigns down from the tree top above. The individual knows within to accept the passing, arms spread wide the serpent snatches at breast and phallus. The individual eyes closed becomes open as Queen.

The serpent knows and excites the Earth, mountains become two as thunder roars above earth, the sky dries as material melts away. Only the egg remains, inside King and Queen dance hand in hand, mind in body.


The serpent at her neck whispers great fortune from the abyss. Tail in mouth it’s eternal wisdom makes light of the void. The dove casts a shadow from the moonlight down below as the scorpion crawls out of the tomb. The White Queen watches as the river flows North.


The three legged man, young of face and distinguished in thought cooks in the waters that boil from below. In shadow he resides for his mind is lost from light. This plane he walks freely but with each hand he sets there is a cry. Not to be King or Queen of his own world, he resides three legged and single of mind.


The scorpion and the serpent go down to the boiling waters to be submerged freely for their own will becomes a destiny. They suffer and boil as the Queen watches their ashes disperse. Two swans, one black and one white reach out from the depths before the Queens awoken eye.


The Queen knows at once she too must become submerged as the crown of the King sits at the river bed waiting. Two times again she is met with the shadow, at once they are likened as water reflects Self.


Lowering below as water burns lung the Queen takes herself towards the heat of the crown. A skeletal frame lays down to her rest. As moon glistens quietly the current flows South, the King is awoken with Queen in heart.


Out from the depths the King rises new, shining blade in hand the redeeming hero steps forward. Scorpion for tail and dove for head his blood of serpent grows wings from swan. Half black and half white he approaches the shadowed man.


With crackles and joy the three legged man gazes upwards. No longer with eyes of tear the King bears down as blade meets neck. With the head of the man the King become shadow. First met not entwined King and Queen gaze upward to learn from the sky what the Earth cannot teach.