Woman in Chains

Woman in Chains


Hand Drawn Zero Waste Original illustration
Pen & Ink on Layered 280gsm cartridge paper
20cm x 26cm

Free UK Postage (Worldwide postage available)


Our fine art is created through the reincarnation of discarded products, saving them from landfill. Through this we ensure that each piece is eco-friendly, zero-waste and has a positive impact on the environment.


The right side of the brain is bound in a society where the left side of the brain dominates. This is seen in our modern world of reason, analytics and reductionism. The right side of the brain must be liberated to allow a well balanced masculoefeminine society to flourish a Golden Age society. A mass awakening to re-join the heights of the civilisations in the past that we idolise. The old Gods of the Golden Eras look down upon the us in chains and the lessons that once balanced the pillars are kept outside the boundaries we have placed with rational laws.