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We print on demand, every Tighe-Mearns-Smith Eco-print and Eco-t-shirt is printed upon order especially for you. Printing on demand eliminates overproduction, preventing the creation of waste textiles. Don't buy into unsustainable mass production, instead become a part of the Era of Redemption and buy Tighe-Mearns-Smith.


We use Stanley/Stella to both source and manufacture our t-shirts:

- 100% GOTS certified organic ringspun cotton

- Ranked in the top 16 leading brands in the world for sustainable material sourcing by the international authority, the Textile Exchange in their Material Change Index, released on 23rd January 2020

- non-GMO (not genetically modified cotton seeds

- no chemical insecticides, pesticides or fertilisers used to grow cotton, which means the water used to grow the cotton is not considered lost water as it can be both reused or returned to the soil/other water sources

- uses soil balance, trap crops & beneficial insects to manage pests

- builds soil organic matter through crop rotation, intercropping & composting

- natural defoliation

- Cotton lint only represents 32-35% of the entire cotton ball. The rest is used as oil and cattle fodder

- GRS Certified (Global Recycled Standard), meaning certifies recycled materials based on environmental and social practices

- PETA approved Vegan

- OKEO-TEX confidence in textiles Standard 100 certified for non-harmful substances

- OCS Certified (Organic Content Standard), verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product

- FWF Member (Fair Wear Foundation), Agreement to be open and transparent about their business practices, actively working to improve labor conditions

- Waste water from dying is put through ETP’s (Effluent Treatment Plants) to remove all toxic elements to ensure it’s safe enough to be discharged back into inland surface water.

 - Co-fund electric bikes for HQ staff

- Subsidizing fair-priced grocery shops in partner factories

When compared to chemically grown cotton, organic cotton has shown a potential savings of:

- 46% Global Warming reduction

- 70% Acidification of Land & Water

- 26% Eutrophication (soil erosion)

- 62% Primary Energy Demand

We use I Dress Myself to print our T-Shirts:

- Water Based Inks

- Solvent Free Inks

- GOTS Certified

- OKEO-TEX Accredited

- PETA Approved Vegan

- Living Wage Employer

- 100% of electricity used is renewable

- 100% carbon neutral gas usage (10% is green gas, the rest is offset by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world)

- Re-using packaging

- Paper bubble wrap

- Recycled garment boxing

- Bank with Starling Bank, ensuring that the money does not fund state organizations in countries where there is a high degree of concern about a lack of human rights, or businesses with unethical practices such as tobacco manufacturers or arms dealers

- Savings account is with the Ecology Building Society, who are helping to build a greener society through sustainable residential & commercial mortgages, funded by ethical savings accounts

- Filter production waste water before it goes into the sewage system

- 100% recycled toilet paper at factories

- Compost organic kitchen waste

- Use Eco-Friendly cleaning products

- Source plant-based food and drinks for kitchen and all staff meals

Episde 1 'The Beginning' Official Dr.Death Eco-T-Shirt