Dr.Death ICARO Women Vest

Dr.Death ICARO Women Vest


Free UK postage 


- Certified organic cotton

- Watered with rain water

- No pesticides used

- Waste cotton seeds pressed into cakes for organic cow feed

- Vegetable oil squeezed out of waste

- Every part of the plant is used

- Cotton farmers get a fair price for their cotton which is guaranteed by regional government to ensure fair wage

- Waste water from dye factory is recovered, cleaned and recirculated reducing 95% water waste (the 5% of waste water is clean enough to drink)

- SA8000 Certified (World’s leading social certification programme for safe workplaces, healthy working conditions, living wage promise, increased awareness of rights and opportunities)

- GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)

- Factories run on renewable energy (Solar and Wind)

- Plastic Free

- Low impact Ink

- Posted in Wrapped in recyclable packaging