Ritually summoned by Tighe-Mearns-Smith. Living in digital form ...


The ancient Shaman himself enlightening the universe through sound

Master of vibrations, warlock of the mystical realm ...

Engaging the subconscious with thanatos techno. Thrill seeking redemption of the spirit.


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(Episode 1 Dr.Death X DeMons Zilliqa) Dr.Deaths Redemption - Episode 1 - The beginning.jpg

Episode 1

The beginning

Sitting doing some casual Zilliqa chart analysis when I noticed a big-bang like reaction ahead of me ... turns out a new Metaverse has spawned, they call it DemonVerse- records show two observed kingdoms, I am off to explore for more.


Episode 2

Lift Off

I began to embark into the unknown, the DemonVerse, powered by new technologies at Zilliqa. I venture to fulfil my innate need to understand the universe around me and to share that understanding.


Episode 3

Provisional Equilibrium

Monopolisation on my home planet has lead me to venture outwards. energetic ripples of a great awakening have begun at Zilliqa. I sense the increasing excitement as I draw closer to the core of the DemonVerse.


Episode 4

The Premonition

I have seen into the future and a powerful energy blurs my vision. I must divert my mission from the DemonVerse as destiny pulls me to a distant galaxy. I cannot be too certain what my future holds.


Episode 5

It's Time

Wait ... what?


website version chapter heading.jpg

Episode 6

Sucked into the Vacuum

1935, Einstein & Rosen proposed an existence of 'bridges' through space time; what they didn't consider is the painful experience of the seemingly bottomless chasm.


Chapter 1

Garden of Paradeisos

A good beginning is not enough. The distance between the start and the end is great and many will fall. Follow me through this chapter of my life into the sacred Garden of Paradeisos.

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Dr.Death's Redemption - Episode 8 - First Contact.jpg
Dr.Death's Redemption -Episode 9 - The Reconnaissance of Paradise.jpg

Episode 7

The Awakening

Disorientated by the time warp I slowly become aware of my surroundings. the freshness of the air illudes a calming sense of tranquility as it attempts to mask this feeling of dread. I am sick with anxiety in this unfamiliar place.


Episode 8

First Contact

It seems the humanoid figures i recognise from my home planet are not the dominant species here. My virtuous self screams to step forward but my lack of understanding of these demons hols me back. What is this place?


Episode 9

The Reconnaissance of Paradise

There seems to be a two-fold hierarchy those in chains and those unrestrained. Like men who serve false Gods these humans are treated like animals. Slaves obliged to a divine community, conform or die. 

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Dr.Death's Redemption -Episode 10 - I Come in Peace.jpg


Episode 10

I Come in Peace

Out of the depths of the jungle two figures emerged, my cover was blown and I had to step in. I’m not quite sure who panicked more, all I know is that they are terrified of me. I mean them no harm.

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