Beneath the Id and Ego the animus and anima reside at the bottom of the abyss of the collective unconcious. They are two primary anthropomorphic archetypes. Formed by the archetypal plane, the animus and anima sit in the realm of predisposition.  As holistic and analytic must unite, so must masculofemininity open the gate of the unconcious. The a priori nature of these inner oppositions are independent of personal experience, they transcend the psyche. It is down there that we connect our opposite whole, as day meets night. The animus cioncides with the patrillineal Logos as the anima accords to the maternalistic Eros. To connect with this inner archetype is to become whole. It is to find the conscious spiritual carnation of the masculofeminine. These contra-sexual archetypes bridge between our walking conscious with our subconscious, they allow us to experience the other. Here we connect with those at level with our innate emotional drives. As they are promoted to us in the raw symbolic dream we learn to unchain ourselves from the conscious inhabitation to see inwards. As the precomissure speaks metaphors of importance, we must listen or forget. Growth of the individual cannot come from suggestion but more importantly from their own natural self. True self realisation is anchored within and will not be readily reeled upwards from an outer perspective. To get into the mind of the self we must speak with colour, symbol and metaphor. Violence will come through suggestion, it must grow from within.  


Artists create images that speak a thousand words as artists use symbolic language to paint an image. Language utilises the images inside your mind and enables you to describe them. The images give the language emotional value, they breathe life into prose. They coexist, they are a necessary duality or hieroglyphic importance. 

Symbols create metaphors that require analysis and deduction. the riddle lies in front of you, the holder keeps the key. 

Seeing that there is a three-fold world, elementary, celestial and intellectual, every inferior is governed by its superior and receive the influence and virtues thereof. 

A real world chess player doesn’t sit on the table at which both Kings and Queens fall.

The blind eye first turns to the void of day before it meets with sweet sunlight. 

Remember the two cores, the brain and the heart, the two brains. Release your anima, acquit your animus.


We must begin by learning from within ourselves. As we stare into that inner place where thoughts collide with emotion, the abyss teaches us of the vehemence of the powerhouse, the core of the sapien. 

They deny themselves the questions that they truly seek in fear of what they may learn. They search for descriptive answer, hard perceptive facts, and when they cannot find them, the wonder is repressed. 

The natural philosophy teaches us of the utilisation of natures contain. the mathematical philosophy teaches us of the quantity of natural and celestial bodies. The theological philosophy, the arcane of the three, teaches us of God, that of mind where angels meet demons, that of the soul, few will reach out to it, fewer will conquer. 

The natural death affirms to the body that once was not enough. As phoenix rises brilliantly the sapien comes into being by himself. 

As cosmic evolution rose with the formulation of the nebular hypothesis we too rise above abnormality. The youthful sun births us as it feeds us as we see hydrogen become human. 

The greatest peace is known to the pertinacious self; the conqueror of the secret of endurance; the obstinate of the world within. 

The basis, the foundation, the subject and receptacle of all celestial rays in which influences and seminal virtues are contained. It is the fountain from which everything springs. 

Gaze inwards as you learn from the three fold worlds; draw from the virtues thrice from each corner before returning to the self as a soul redeemed. 

As divine intelligence walks hand in hand with natural science we can balance absolute reason with unabridged Ontologism. Shackles loosen, eyes widen, the hemispheres unite. 


Artists create images that speak a thousand words as artists use symbolic language to paint an image. 

Sensory impacts from the outside world alter our subsequent perception of it, which in turn creates a modified quake that further adjusts our perception.

Utopia is a state of mind. 

Know internally as you beware what that knowledge teaches your audience about yourself. 

When man developed from ape there became a well defined sense of creative will, a conscious freedom as well as a neatly structured jaw. What man does with his conscious development is down to the individual, to do nothing is to only differ at the latter. 

Ignorance is bliss when you live in a cave.A good beginning is not enough. The distance between the start and the end is great and many will fall. The apparent ignorance of admitting ignorance is outshone by the value and importance of transcendental evolution.

Imagination is the gate to concept. It is a realm where theory, fact and fantasy can collide. 

You can spend forever wondering if you should have made the other decision, but you’ll do that either way. Choose morals. Once you’ve made that decision live with it, don’t waste your time thinking about another realirt as you will miss out on the one that you choose. If you regret use it to improve. Dictate the path you wish to lead. 


People laugh at what they understand. Not because it’s necessarily funny, but it’s the easiest way to come to terms with a situation. 


You cannot dictate all that is around you, but what goes on in your mind is under your guidence.


 Be weary of the confusion between love and infatuation, between utopia and perilous hell.