Achieving flight, breaking through the exosphere, landing on the moon, space travel; as humanity continues on an intellectual and technological journey we see new steps being taken with every passing day as new discoveries are made. As humans branch out further into the unknown territories of space we simultaneously go deeper back into the void of our history as we gradually piece together the fragmented jigsaw puzzle that is the origin of mankind. The exploration of the relationship between these two subject matters is a relatively new field of study including but not limited to Archeo-Astronomy and Astro-Anthropology. Billy Carson is situated at the front line of the current wave of intellectual and historical investigation of the astronomical knowledge of pre-historic cultures. Billy Carson is part of the United family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH), a non-profit organization embarking on the quest to discover, learn and teach humanity of the past and current civilisations across planet Earth, the moon, our immediate solar system as well as the technologies that are applied and used throughout the journey.


Billy Carson is the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Billy Carson utilises his knowledge and research on astronomical practices, celestial lore, mythologies, religions and science to cultivate the growth of First Class Space Agency, the future of interplanetary travel. Billy Carson has birthed such projects through the agency that inquire into the creation of zero point generators, free environmental energy projects, alternative propulsion, measuring the velocity of light inside a Casimir cavity, studying cosmic rays above the atmosphere and new ways to think of inertia and gravity.


The best-selling author of the ‘Compodium of the Emerald Tablets’, a host on the ‘Deep Space’ series on Gaia as well as founder of 4Biddenknowledge incorporated; Billy Carson channels his vast array of discoveries and ideologies outwards into the general population across a variety of videos, talk shows, interviews and written texts. Carson’s proactivity makes him a vital pioneer in the developed spread of new wave information. The value of the information and knowledge is equal to the importance of teaching the discovery, and it’s practice places Carson at the top of a current generation of individuals with the firm belief in the importance of disclosing vital information about our culture, our origins and our advanced technological present and future.


Billy Carson is an advocate and preacher of spiritual and mental well being, metaphysics, social unity, healthy living and the mysteries of the micro-macro relationship between the outer reaches of the universe and the inner-most depths of the human mind. “We live in an age where eating healthy is a revolutionary act. Eating healthy is actually a form of protest against the NWO. People should be proud to attempt this courageous act.” Billy Carson is also the founder of Pantheon Elite Records which includes conscious music artists including himself.


Billy Carson represents the importance of exploring uncharted territory, both inward and outward. Carson shows us the importance of utilising the intellect of ancient cultures and applying their discoveries with our modern goals and aspirations. As we unlock the gates of space exploration we must simultaneously push further into our shadowed past to merge the mysterious intellect of the ancients with our modern mentalities. Carson is a prime example of a multi-disciplinary critical thinker that bravely walks into the depths of uncharted science to bring light to the void of our current knowledge, bringing history to its relevancy. Billy Carson reminds us to venture into the unknown and document it readily as we innately draw towards evolving a more developed understanding of our past as well as what we can achieve in the future.